Shu Uemura

Shu Uemura Moisture Balancing Cleanser for Dry Hair & Scalp – 400ml


Buy Moisture Balancing Cleansing oil for dry hair and scalp online from Paul Edmonds. A large range of Shu Uemura available to buy online now

Emollient shampoo for dry hair that deeply purifies by removing impurities and buildup, while rejuvenating dry hair and scalp with a precise dose of moisture. Leaves hair supple and cashmere soft. Calms itchy scalp with soothing oils. Safe on colour-treated hair. Paraben and silicone-free.

Neroli Essential Oil 

Extracted from the Bitter Orange Tree, Neroli Essential Oil is an emollient known to balance and maintain the right moisture and oil balance in the skin and hair. 

FRAGRANCE: Orange Blossom 
TOP NOTE: Citron, Orange, Mandarine, Citronnelle, Camomille 

1. Apply a quarter-size amount of the cleansing oil shampoo to wet hair. 

2. Massage into scalp using fingers and palms. 
3. Rinse thoroughly. 

HAIR TYPE: For Dry Hair and Scalp

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